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 The LMRC is a future project for ProjectKirotshe. As most athletes for ProjectKirotshe live and train in some of the hardest conditions imaginable with poor nutrition and lots of work especially in the farms, the LMRC would be a perfect solution as a new home where these athletes will have an opportunity to thrive to their full potential. Our goal is to build a running camp, the LMRC, where at least 20 athletes can live and train to have a chance to represent their country in different national and international races. Our goal is to have the Lou Mitchell Running Center ready and running by latest July 2018. We trust and believe in God for this goal to happen.

Lou Mitchell Running Center: 
About LMRC

Lou Mitchell, one of the most amazing people I ever had the privilege to call my friend. I met Lou as a freshmen at Denison University and from then our friendship only grew stronger.  At his young age of 78, Lou was beating me in our favorite game of HORSE in basketball. Lou cared about everyone, especially his alma mater, Denison University, his family and all the underpriviledged. I am grateful to God for giving me such an amazing friend and our frienship will be treasured in my heart forever. One of my happiest moments will be the inauguration of the Lou Mitchell Running Center in the near future. Lou will always be missed. 

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