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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


ProjectKirotshe is planning to ship a container to Kirotshe in the next few months. Below are the needed equipment ProjectKirotshe is trying to collect to fill the container.

  • Running Shoes: ProjectKirotshe would like to collect as many running shoes as possible. Knowing most people don't have money to donate, ProjectKirotshe is trying to collect 10,000 pairs of shoes, especially running shoes. The plan is once the shoes are in Kirotshe, some will be used for running by the runners and others will be used to start a running shoes store to help support the needs of the runners. This will be a huge change as the running store will be run as a business by the runners and support them through their running.

  • Technological equipments such as laptops, cameras, comcorders, overhead projectors and anything else electronically that can help improve the Torrens Learning Center. Our aim is 20-30 laptops for the center and 2 overhead projectors for this year.

  • French Books: As Congo is a french speaking country, french books are found more useful there. In the 12,000 books we took in Kirothse, most of them are in English. So they have enough English books and they need more french ones. Dictionaries are also encouraged

These equipment will play a huge rule for ProjectKirotshe to attain the goals of reaching the Olympics and also supporting the students and athletes of Kirotshe. Your help will be very much appreciated.

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