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Having the LMRC and TLC built in Kirotshe is the next big step for Kirotshe Foundation to better serve the youth, students and the community of Kirotshe and its surrounding.
Having both physical location in Kirotshe will:
  • Create a common area for the whole population to call home
  • Provide a public place for the community to share, learn and grow together
  • Provide a home for the few selected World/Olympic hopeful to properly prepare for the high level competition
  • Have an address for Kirotshe Foundation and a home for all the student-runners
  • Provide an opportunity for growth and better service for Kirotshe Foundation to the youth of the D.R. Congo
Please, help us by donating or organising a fundraiser or an event to help us raise the money for this project. Our hopes is to have the LMRC ready by August 2018 to give us 2 years of good preparation before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. An estimate total cost of both the LMRC and TLC is $40,000. The more money, the fancier and the more durable. With $40,000 we can have a LMRC and TLC with all the basic needs. We rely on your help and kindness to bring light in the D.R. Congo and Kirotshe specifically.
Kirotshe Foundation Team.
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