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Without financial support, it would be impossible for Kirotshe Foundation to operate. All monetary donation to Kirotshe Foundation goes towards:

  • Supporting members of TeamKirotshe through paying for their school tuition.

  • Supporting the monthly race in Kirotshe by providing small awards to the runners and also providing medicine when needed.

  • Supporting travel expenses when the athletes go to different races.

  • Provide monthly meal for the athletes.

  • Paying for equipment to be shipped to Kirotshe.

  • Supports the Torrens Learning Center as needs arise.

  • Supports the annual banquet and New Year festivities for TeamKirotshe.

  • Supports all the ongoing activities of ProjectKirotshe.


Your financial support to Kirotshe Foundation goes above and beyond by changing lives for the better in Kirotshe. We love you and we appreciate all your help. We ask that you please continue to support us. God Bless you.

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