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The Torrens Learning Center has been a miracle for the people of Kirotshe. Unlike the USA where the probability of finding more than 1 library within a city is almost 1, finding 100 libraries in the entire D.R. Congo is almost 0. With the blessing Kirotshe has of having the Torrens Learning Center, there are also challenges that comes along.

As a Kirotshe child, I never got a chance to see or touch a computer. Now students and the population of Kirotshe have the opportunity to see and touch computers in the TLC. For the first time, the students of Kirotshe have over 12,000 books to use.  While most are in English, there are still great resource for our students. We are hoping we can add more French literature in the near future.


Some of the students are able to take computer classes learning how to use Microsoft Office and the basics of the computer usage.

Our students, teachers and other intellectuals in the community are now able to type and print their documents in the center instead of taking the long trip to Goma. This saves time and resources.

Current Challenges:

Electricity: We have a generator, but the fuel is expensive.


Space: The center is too small for all our books, computers and traffic at the same time. A bigger space is needed for efficient work.

Internet: With lack internet, the computers are limited. The internet could open new worlds for Kirotshe through Zoomig with other USA libraries, having web courses from abroad and being able to use the unlimited materials on the internet.


French books. More french books will lead to increased traffic and effective usage of the TLC.

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